Realizadas en acero inoxidable

Made in stainless steel

Fabricadas para durar

Built to last

Hechas en el País Vasco

Made in the Basque Country

Ensambladas a mano

Manually assembled

Who we are

The Basque Country has been and will be the cradle of charcoal cooking, and it is from this little corner of the world that we manufacture our tools with the intention of giving even more value if possible to the way of apprehending our gastronomy.

Our charcoal grills and cooking accessories are made with the highest technology that craftsmanship can give us. GRILLING Solutions is the result of the alliance of cooks and one of the best workshops that works with stainless steel in Spain.

GRILLING SOLUTION was born for the need to work the embers and to obtain the best possible quality of charcoal grills made us want to manufacture artisanal and local utensils and tools.

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Chefs and restaurants who work with us